Brave story : Wataru's Adventure

Wataru Mitani is a 14 years old boy who travels a world called Vision, as what is known as a low ranked traveler. His wish is to bring his family back together. Wataru traveled vision with a waterkin Merchant named Kee Keema, a kit kin named Meena and an ankha named Kutz.

Kee, Wataru and Meena

Kee Keem, Wataru, and Meena

Ashikawa Mitsuru is Wataru's best friend who is a high ranked traveler, his wish is to bring his sister Aya, back alive.

When Mitsuru wanted to take the dark gemstone, Wataru stopped him and a mirror shows Mitsuru's past in which his sister dies in a accident. After Mitsuru takes the dark gemstone, thousands of demons are released. Wataru is given a dark gemstone from Princess Zofie to stop Mitsuru.

Mitsuru Gemstones

Mitsuru removing gemstone

On the way to Mitsuru, Wataru sees a shadow of himself. the shadow says that Wataru doesn't care about vision and just cares about himself. But Wataru actually cares and realizes that the shadow was made up of his anger, spite, sadness, etc... Then, Shadow Disappears. Wataru sees Mitsuru fighting with his shadow, Wataru wanted to stop Mitsuru because he hurts his shadow, then he will be hurt too. But he is too late, Mitsuru attempts to kill Shadow, Mitsuru tells Wataru that he has made it and to make his wish then dies.

Wataru sad

Wataru's sadness watching Mirsuru's death

Then a girl who has guided Wataru appears and tells Wataru to kill the Goddess of Fortune. But, Wataru wont do it. Then, the girl shows her true form, Onba (A giant toad like creature)


The girl that saves wataru back then

Onba swallows Wataru, but the hero sword grows killing Onba. The Goddess of Fortune had saved him. The Goddess then asks him what his wish is. Before Wataru had wanted his family to go back to normal. But, Wataru wishes that all of Vision's Demons were destroyed and that the people of vision will have a future. Wataru then confirms his wish. After his wish is granted, Wataru is sent back to his world.

The next day, a little girl bumps into Wataru then Wataru realizes who she is. Wataru then looks up and sees Mitsuru.